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The Duke Medicine in Motion chapter strives to carry out the Medicine in Motion mission by providing engaging events centered around physical activity, philanthropy, and wellness in a safe and inclusive environment for members of the Duke and Durham communities. We aim to collaborate with existing campus organizations, Duke Health clinicians, and other healthcare providers to build a community that is inclusive of all abilities, promotes resilience, and supports the mental, emotional and physical wellbeing of our diverse medical students and professionals.

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Medicine in Motion Corporate Kickoff (Duke School of Medicine)

This will be our first official event as a new student group! We will have a brief chapter overview followed by a 20-minute AMRAP (as many reps as possible) bodyweight workout. We will be competing against other Medicine in Motion (MiM) chapters from across the globe. After the 20-minute workout, we will finish with a field game, sports game, or fun alternative activity for the remainder of our time, plus snacks! Please remember to bring a mask. 

20 minute AMRAP workout:

4 plank up-downs (scale to knees)

9 vertical toe touches (scale to ROM - range of motion) 

20 reverse lunges (total) (scale ROM) 

21 sprawls (scale to walking through movement)

You can also register for the individual competition for $10 at the following link: https://script.google.com/macros/s/AKfycbzPfSdWV_Vdaz8eu9NtRbgGgvUZT23qgS4gqGhVLZ1e2PqhsDc/exec?action=sign&formId=17tojBk26Nbr-v0oPkqK5obI3P7Tt1h0ODSRSO98U9Y8&editorUUID=82b865b1-bb8a-49ba-9ff8-106c7cd4cdf4

For those competing in the individual competition, there will be MiM gear for the top 3 winners in each category: self-identifying sex, student/resident, and faculty. 

$10 registration fee is for individual competition only.

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Chapter Leads



My name is Chris, and I have been in Durham since 2014 when I started undergrad at Duke. I am originally from Atlanta, GA. Wellness in medical school has looked like runs through the Duke Forest, Zoom workouts with friends, and early morning spin classes. I chose to be involved with Medicine in Motion because of the desire I have to a create community around exercise that is welcoming to all regardless of prior experience.



Michael is a MD-PhD student at Duke. He loves team sports (most recently played intramural basketball and ultimate frisbee). He enjoys running, weight training, golf, snowboarding, table tennis, chess, and the sport of marathon Star Wars viewing. When medical school moved virtual during the beginnings of the COVID-19 pandemic, Michael maintained connection and a bit of normalcy via MiM Zoom workouts with classmate and fellow MiM leader Chris. Michael really appreciated these workouts, and is now excited to help foster community, inclusion, and philanthropy at the Duke MiM chapter.



Hello! My name is Michael Ivey, and I am a current MS1 at Duke Med. I am originally from a very rural area in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Growing up, I was constantly outside-- I loved fishing, hunting, and I played basketball, football, tennis, and ran track. As an undergraduate at the University of Michigan, my interest in organized sports transitioned towards weightlifting, hiking, and encouraging my friends to take a work break to even just take a walk with me outdoors. I also am a chatter box who loves making fitness unintimidating. My goal is to help people find what they enjoy so that they can use fitness as a stress reliever not inducer. Although I am new to the Durham area, I look forward to building a stronger connection between the Duke Med family and the local community. Just remember that fitness should be fun, and you can eat that doughnut!!



Hey there! I’m Trevor – a first-year medical student at Duke and a native of Seattle. By elementary school, I’d caught the running and backpacking bugs and have since enjoyed the camaraderie that goes hand-in-hand with exercise. As a cross country and track athlete in college, I dealt with a lot of recurrent injury that has shaped my appreciation for holistic health and balanced approaches to training. I’m still a runner at heart, but I now love all things endurance sports – biking, rowing, skiing, mountaineering, CrossFitting and swimming (that is, when I don’t drink half the pool while attempting a freestyle!) Plant-powered and sweat-showered, exercise is my refresh button and I’m thrilled to bring Medicine in Motion to support wellness, community building, and social change in the Duke Health community. Come move with us!