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March Motion 2024

This month long competition between MM chapters is designed to build community among chapters and encourage movement as we get into the new year. As your chapter completes group events, submit the activities/workouts and number of participants to earn points and get your chapter to the top of the leaderboard!

  • Submit form at end of each week with group activity(s) description with number of participants at each plus group picture. Activity must include at least 5 people. 

  • Please assign one person from the group to submit the activity/event to avoid multiple submissions of the same occurrence. 

  • Points will be awarded in the following manner: 

  • 5 pts per activity/event

  • +1 pt for every participants over 5 

  • +2 pts for greater than one activity per week 

  • +5 pts if you change or have changed chapter instagram handle to using MedMotion organization template 

  • Options/idea for group activities: 

Prize(s) - Winning chapter gets a shout out on the MedMotion website and gear. 

Please contact Kelty at with any questions.

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