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Join Mayo Az MedMotion's Departmental Competition at the Castle Creek Triathlon on 10/5/24!

Step 2a: Register Individually

Join Team Medicine in Motion (Briggs)

In Collaboration with


Mayo Fellow's Association 

Joy and Wellness Taskforce

Student Life and Wellbeing Committee

Office of Wellness and Academic Support


Who: Mayo Clinic students, residents, consultants, allied health professionals, and their friends/families


What: Sprint or Olympic distance triathlon (swim/bike/run, both available as relays, which are a very popular option), duathlon (run/bike/run) , or aquabike (swim/bike) 


Where: Lake Pleasant Regional park


When: Saturday, October 5, 2024


     1. Register using the red registration link above

     2. Invite your colleagues, friends, and family

     3. Information regarding pre/post event survey, and tshirt orders to come

     4. Start training for Oct 5th!


Perks and Sponsors


Skratch Hydration/Electrolyte

Available on Race Day, at Venue


Mayo / New Balance Custom Race Shirts

Discounted, order form not yet available, timing TBD


Race Discounts from

4 Peaks

For students, based on financial need, contact

Custom Figs

5 pairs, prizes for Departmental Competition

Departmental Competition Details

Last year, we had 50 participants across 7 departments, with Urology taking the gold, ICU silver, and General Surgery Bronze prize. We are aiming for 100 this year, so please recruit your colleagues!

Departments will earn points as follows for Mayo students, employees, family, and friends; aka anyone who registers under the Medicine in Motion team)

      +8 points per individual participant

      +5 points per relay participant

      +9, +6, and +3 points per 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finish in Aquabike, Duathlon, Clydesdales, Athenas,                       Relay, and per each 5-year age bracket in each individual age group category.



      Students, nurses, and allied health professionals are encouraged to join their department of         

                       interest/closest affinity

      Friends and family are encouraged to join the competition and may earn points

      Each department's points will be divided by the number of consultants in that department (intended to

                       roughly control for department size)

      Members of the winning department will receive bragging rights, and prizes TBD as funding allows


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