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Michael Del Sesto


Chief Development Officer

Dartmouth College

Michael Del Sesto is a pre-health student at Dartmouth College studying the intersection of engineering and medicine with hopes to embark on a career in the research and development of electrical and chemical solutions to neurogenic disorders and diseases. Majoring in Engineering Sciences modified with Neuroscience, Michael also displays an interest in economics and public policy. During his freshman year, Michael was a residential member of the Great Issue Scholars Program, attended several Tuck Mentor events dealing with healthcare policy, participated in the Dartmouth Healthcare Foundations Seminar on global health and health equity, and was accepted into the TUCK Lab program for the spring of 2020. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Michael spent the summer working as the Waterfront Director at a local YMCA, took classes at Brown University, and worked toward an EMT certification. He also started a student-run start-up, Team Legislate (, a webapp that connects citizens to their local legislators through legislative bill drafting. In his free time, Michael enjoys training with the Dartmouth triathlon team, practicing classical piano, and studying the Chinese language. Michael looks forward to continuing his multi-disciplinary studies through Dartmouth College’s liberal arts curriculum.

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