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Corporate Kickoff - Chapter Submission

Medicine in Motion members can submit their reps to their chapter leads to compete for their chapter for free in the Open Chapter Competition Bracket. This submission form is for chapter leads only! Alternatively, the Individual Competition Bracket is the paid competition at the 2021 Corporate Kickoff.

You're probably thinking, "Why should I participate in the Individual Competition Bracket?"...

Top competitors of the Individual Competition Bracket win free exclusive MiM New Balence gear

Your donation will support MiM's burnout research along with funding future chapter and corporate events

NB.MiM Study Tshirts.png

Convinced? Submit a time for the individual competition here. Chapter leads, continue below.

Step #1

Chapter leads...

Please use this form to document how many rounds your chapter completed during the MiM Corporate Kickoff workout. We also want to know more about the number of participants, new participants, and how you felt about the event.

Instructions for submission:
       - Include reps for all participants including faculty, residents, students, and those competing in the individual competition. 
       - One round consists of 54 total reps. Determine total number of reps completed for each participant then add them together and submit the total below.

Student 1 completes 4 rounds + 3 reps = (4x54) + 3 = 219
Student 2 completes 3 rounds + 44 reps = (3x54) + 44 = 206
Student 3 completes 6 rounds + 23 reps = (6x54) + 23 = 347
Total = 219 + 206 + 347 = 772

Step #2

Fill in the form below to submit your reps. Best of luck!

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