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Rutgers New Jersey Medical School

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Chapter Leads

Chloe Soukas


Chloe is a 4th year medical student from Nyack, New York. She played varsity lacrosse at Harvard College, where she earned her BA. Team sports have continued to be a healthy outlet for her through pick-up and IM basketball at Rutgers NJMS. She also enjoys hiking, running, and yoga. She is applying for residency in Psychiatry, and is excited to use fitness to promote philanthropy, and as a strategy to improve mental health.

Jack Wright


Jack is a second-year medical student from New Jersey. He has always loved to be active and have found fitness as a way to help deal with student burnout and other challenges that he has faced throughout life. His goal is to empower vulnerable communities, and during this summer he held virtual HIIT classes and health education sessions for high school and college students in the Newark community. As an Ecuadorian, he is excited to be a part of Medicine in Motion and the MOVE Campaign whose goal is to raise money for social justice and fight/overcome racism in the medical community. Medicine in Motion is a great way to promote wellness, medical research, and build a community among healthcare providers of all backgrounds.

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