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Physical Therapy

Physical Therapists, Physical Therapy Assistants, and Physical Therapy Students

The Physical Therapy chapter of Medicine in Motion represents a member of the interdisciplinary care team that strives to enhance the human experience through movement. We are driven by a community of healthcare professionals who share a collaborative passion for patient-centered goals focused on promoting healthy lifestyles. We are a group comprised of Physical Therapists, Physical Therapist Assistants, and PTA / DPT students. Alongside our fellow Medicine in Motion members, we aim to:

1.) Support physical fitness for all within our community

2.) Provide opportunities to connect with other members of the healthcare team to foster continued respect for other professions in providing patient-centered care

3.) Continue promoting physical therapy as a high quality, low cost practice that is an alternative to pain medication

For additional information about the chapter, ways to get involved, or donations, please contact Cara Curran at

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Chapter Leads

Cara Curran


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