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Istanbul University School of Medicine

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Chapter Leads

Arda Capar


Arda is a 3rd year medical student at Istanbul University School of Medicine. Arda is versatile when it comes to sports and he has done many sports in his education lief. He is professional CMAS 2* scuba diver. he especially likes to play basketball and he was a former high school basketball team player. He is also a member of the faculty’s basketball team. He has integrated sports in every aspect of his life and is planning to do research about sports medicine and mental health problems in athletes. Currently continues to play basketball, does fitness and scuba diving.

Bilge Coskun


Bilge is a 3rd year student at Istanbul Faculty of Medicine. Bilge hasn’t done much sports in her childhood but for the past 4 years she has been really interested in doing fitness and pilates, and for 2 years regular exercise has been a routine for her. She wants to try out new sports and integrate healthy living principles into her life.

Ceren Fenerci


Ceren is a 3rd year student at Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine. Ceren played basketball and badminton since childhood and now she is interested in fitness, yoga and the science behind them. She likes to try out new sports and enjoys teaching others how beneficial and necessary exercising is.

Ece Akcay


Ece is a 3rd year medical student at Istanbul University School of Medicine. She was a founding member of her high school running team and has been running ever since, having done a few 10K runs. Her favorite ways to move are swimming and dancing. Ece finds that physical activity works wonders on releasing stress, and therefore MiM’s mission of reducing burnout in medical students resonates with her strongly. She hopes to bring her experience from student council into organizing fun events that will raise the spirits of the medica community in Istanbul while hopefully also helping some good causes.

Irem Ozcan


İrem is a 3rd year medical student at Istanbul Faculty of Medicine. She believes that body and mind health is inseparable. Therefore increasing fitness decreases stress and supports our success in college. She plays volleyball in the faculty team. She also likes to try new sports and exercises. Currently she loves jogging, tabata, pilates and yoga.

Yigit Ataoglanlar


Yiğit is a 3rd year medical student at Istanbul Faculty of Medicine. He is a fitness enthusiast since his first gym membership in 2015. Over the years he has transitioned from a weight loss focused cardio program into a more muscle building bodybuilding program. He aims to keep fitness in his life through the busy life of a medical student.

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