University of Washington School of Dentistry

A person in motion, stays in motion. Our goal at the UW Dental Medicine in Motion chapter is to create a community of dental students and residents who strive to foster lifelong, holistic health habits. This includes good oral health, physical health and mental wellbeing. We hope to offer new and fun ways to stay active and connected during the current pandemic, while giving back to our community through philanthropy. Register for the Holiday Trifecta using the “donate” button below

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Chapter Leads

Ashley Huynh


Ashley is a 3rd year dental student at the University of Washington School of Dentistry. She fully embraces the PNW love of the outdoors no matter the season or weather. She can be found biking to clinic, open water swimming, hiking, or skiing. Fitness has always been a key part of her life and a way to hang out with friends and family. Through UWSOD Med in motion, she hopes others are able to find fun and community in fitness as well.

Sara Johnson


Sara is a 1st year dental student at the University of Washington. She attended Carroll College in Montana and enjoyed the abundance of outdoor activities the area had to offer. Growing up she was always involved in sports including soccer, basketball and track which showed her the importance of fitness and friendship. At college, she found sports and the outdoors were a great way to connect with new people and to relax. She is excited to be back in Washington and explore with their fellow classmates and peers. For her Medicine in Motion is an ideal convergence of her three favorite pursuits: health, community and philanthropy. She is excited for the future of the UWSOD Medicine in Motion chapter and to help people connect through a shared desire for wellness.