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Hollywood Undead have revealed the details for their new album “Hotel Kalifornia.” The effort will be released on August 12 and it will focus on the “juxtaposition between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have-nots,’ highlighting the ongoing homelessness and cost of living crisis that is affecting the band’s home state of California.”


“Hotel Kalifornia” Track Listing:

01. “CHAOS”

02. “World War Me”

03. “Ruin My Life”

04. “Hourglass”

05. “Go To War”

06. “Alone At The Top”

07. “Wild In These Streets”

08. “Dangerous”

09. “Lion Eyes”

10. “Trap God”

11. “Happy When I Die”

12. “Reclaim”

13. “City Of The Dead”

14. “Alright”

“We were in a world of shit. The opportunities for failure were far more prevalent than the opportunities for success. We were hanging out with gangbangers and drug dealers. The chances of overcoming were very slim. We made something special together because of the heartbreak and heartache that came from all our experiences.”

“When you listen to ‘Hotel Kalifornia,’ I hope you see how far we’ve come. J-Dog and Charlie Scene are completely different songwriters than they were 15 years ago. I’m so impressed by everyone in the band. The only thing we give a fuck about is the audience and trying to get better on each record.”


LEAKED: Hollywood Undead Hotel California Album Download 2022

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