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Dance has always been the most collaborative of art forms. We work through and with other bodies, in a seamless dialogue of mind and matter. Often, we do not speak – we allow the core of us to radiate and instinctively start to move; to music, to images, to feelings, to impulse, to touch, to…..inputs that stream in from a myriad of sources and resonate inside us, inspiring us to create. Mostly, we do not remember where an idea starts, or where an idea ends. We are all continuum and exchange, morph and transformation, a borderless vessel of exploration and potential.

Our bodies too are more transmutable than ever before as we extend ourselves into virtual worlds, transform ourselves through meditation or simply teleport for a while in the metaverse – this fantastical world where everything is possible – kind of. Physical borders are eroding as quicky as geographical borders are redrawn and still the human spirit transcends itself over and again - towards a permanent state of the unfixed, the impermeable, the free.

What is it for an artist/an artwork to be boundary-less today? Is it expressed in the people we choose to collaborate with, the mediums we innovate inside, from where we work, or in the attempts to erode the categories that define us or something other? Isn’t art making, the very act of breaking boundaries, borders and barriers? Isn’t it a way of re-imagination and a new way of thinking? Art, then perhaps the liminal space of the in-between.

【【【HD】】】Biennale Danza 2022 LIVE Online Free Broadcast@Dance 25 August 2022

【【【HD】】】Biennale Danza 2022 LIVE Online Free Broadcast@Dance 25 August 2022

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