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Progress as of 10.30 @2pm 1. Medicine in Motion – Mass General Harvard (27 registered): 1145 miles. 2. Medicine in Motion – BI/BWH/Children’s Harvard (33 registered): 876 miles 3. Medicine in Motion – Global (18 registered): 311 miles.

If you enjoy swimming, biking, running/walking, or meeting others in the medical field, please join Medicine in Motion by registering through USA Triathlon below, FOR FREE, now through Nov 29th, to virtually swim, bike, and/or run as much or as little as you like, at your leisure, across the country with other healthcare professionals at your hospital, school, or city. Students, residents, physicians, nurses, OT, PT, and all allied healthcare workers, family/friends are welcome! Each team (no team size limit) will complete 7 miles of swimming, 2400 miles of biking, and 905 miles of running over 6 weeks. More information about the Tri here.

Our goal with this virtual triathlon, and at Medicine in Motion in general, is to reduce burnout in the medical field by building community through fitness and philanthropy. Fitness: Get out there! Philanthropy: This event is free, but if you are able, we encourage a (tax-deductible) donation to support our causes: this year with a focus on racial and social justice Community: To maximize community building, we encourage you to swim, bike, or run in a socially/COVID responsible manner with other Medicine in Motion triathloners.


1. Fill out the google doc 2. Log in to USAT and make an account 3. Join your team a) Medicine in Motion – Global (all chapters except Harvard) b) Medicine in Motion – BI/BWH/Children’s Harvard (+ortho) c) Medicine in Motion – Mass General Harvard (+derm) Note: HMS students, feel free to join whichever Harvard team you prefer. 4. Start swimming, biking, and/or running!


Q: How do I track my miles? A: You can automatically upload if you have an Apple watch, Fitbit, Garmin Suunto, etc. Many free apps (including Strava, Mapmyfitness, RunKeeper, and more) also automatically sync. Finally, you can manually upload your mileage.

Q: Do I have to complete the mileage I committed to each week? Or can I frontload my mileage? A: No & yes. You can complete as many, or as few miles as you like, across however many weeks you like.

Q: Can my friend join? A: Yes! We encourage any students, residents, physicians, nurses, OT, PT, and all allied healthcare workers, as well as family/friends to join. They should still fill out the google doc ( and register directly as above.

Q: How can I donate to Medicine in Motion? A: Website: (tax deductible) Check: to Medicine in Motion, 1 Emerson Pl, Apt 17N, Boston, MA 02114 (tax deductible) Venmo: @medmotion (not tax deductible)

Q: How can I contact my new teammates to train together or encourage one another A: Email addresses are accessible by teammates Teams are encouraged to reach out and train together!

We’re looking forward to “racing” with you! Warmly, Medicine in Motion Leadership Team

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