UCSF School of Medicine

Medicine in Motion at UCSF was founded in July of 2020. We hosted a virtual workout event for the MOVE Campaign in August and will be hosting a second virtual MOVE Campaign event in October. We will also be hosting a virtual event in September to raise money for the American Heart Association! We hope to continue to grow the Medicine in Motion at UCSF chapter and to be a force within the community for fitness, philanthropy, and fun!

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Bay Area Heart Walk (UCSF School of Medicine)

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Chapter Leads

Aboubacar Wague


Say hi 👋 to our chapter’s new Director of Communications, Aboubacar! (Images taken pre-COVID). Aboubacar grew up in the Bronx and went to Cornell University for undergrad. He is excited to be at UCSF and experience the west coast for the first time! A fun fact is that pre-COVID he used to practice archery! 🏹🏹 He aspires to combine his interest in health and exercise as a future physician.

Alice Lu


Say hi 👋 to our chapter’s new Director of Event Planning, @toalicelu ! Alice grew up near Toronto, Canada and attended UC San Diego for college and Northwestern Law for her master's. She is super excited to be starting medical school at UCSF, and is interested in all things related to health equity, medical-legal partnership, and innovation in healthcare. To stay active, Alice loves to dance 💃🏻 and hike ⛰, and a fun fact is that she interned in athletic training for a year!

Anthony Nguyen


Say hi 👋to our chapter’s new Director of Recruitment and crazy impressive power lifter @nguy3na !! 🏋️ Anthony grew up in the Central Valley of CA in Stockton and went to UC Davis before coming to UCSF. Anthony is excited to explore specialties of all types, and a fun fact is that he is a huge family man and aspires to find fulfillment in both becoming a good future physician and a good father.