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Chapter Leads

Alyssa Bialek


Hi everyone! My name is Alyssa and I’m a first-year MPH/PA student at George Washington University. I’m originally from Columbia, MD. Being an athlete has been an integral part of my identity since I was five, which is when I started playing soccer. I kept adding more sports to my schedule and was captaining my varsity soccer, tennis, and basketball teams by my senior year. In college, I decided to try out one more sport – ultimate frisbee – and discovered my love for this sport above all the others! Sports have provided me with stress relief, time management skills, leadership experience, and lifelong friends. After some serious knee injuries, I started physical therapy and got into weightlifting when I couldn’t play my other sports. I realized how important weightlifting is for injury prevention and improving athletic performance, and have greatly enjoyed this new style of training. I love introducing friends to weightlifting and watching them get stronger. Whether it’s playing sports, lifting, or something else, exercise is about creating enjoyable and sustainable habits that work best for you!

Amanda Tomlinson


Hey there! My name is Amanda Tomlinson, and I am a first year PA student at George Washington University! Originally from Maryland, I grew up camping, hiking, kayaking, and loving anything that would get me outdoors. I found my love for running in high school while competing with my school’s cross country and track teams. Over the years, I reinvented my relationship with running, and these days, it's not so much about the competition, rather keeping my body moving and making me happy. I believe all types of movement are empowering and good for the mind, whether a hike in the mountains, a studio fitness class with friends, or a Podcast walk around the block with my dog. I am so excited to bring MedMo to GWU School of Medicine and create an inclusive fitness environment with my classmates!

Brad Anderson


Hey! I’m Brad Anderson, a first-year medical student at GWU SMHS. I’m originally from a small surf town in Southern California (San Clemente if anyone knows it) and just recently moved out to DC! I’ve spent my entire life being active, and became incredibly passionate about weightlifting in high school. It’s like my own form of introspection and meditation, and keeps me grounded at all times. In all reality though, my love for exercise is secondary to my love for food!! During my time at UC San Diego I earned a BS in Human Biology and an MS in Orthopedic Clinical Research, where my studies centered on exercise. I also taught courses in human physiology and nutrition and worked on campus and on a national level with EIM and the ACSM. My goal is to encourage and motivate others to get moving, and to make exercise and nutrition fun and exciting for anyone and everyone!

Caroline Rooney


Hi there! My name is Caroline Rooney, and I am a first year physical therapy student at the George Washington University. I am originally from Chicago, but I went to undergrad at Boston College, where I got a BA in Philosophy. As long as I can remember, I have been playing team sports. I love building community, pushing each other to grow, and working toward common goals. In college, I found my teams in campus programs such as intramural sports, music clubs, and outdoor hiking and biking groups. In undergrad, I was part of a group of students who fundraised $55,000 for Big Brothers Big Sisters by trekking to the Base Camp of Mount Everest. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, but it was made possible because of the people around me. After college, I got into both running and rock climbing- two activities that are built on huge support systems. COVID-19 had other plans for my marathon training in 2020, so this spring I will begin training for the 2022 Chicago Marathon! I believe that exercise and community building are vitally important to physical and mental wellbeing, and I am so excited to meet at these crossroads with Medicine in Motion! I can’t wait to help grow the GWU MedMo community!

Emily Yong


Hi! I'm Emily Yong, and I am currently a second-year DPT student at the George Washington University. I am a native NYC gal who loves her bagels and pizza and worldly cuisine. It wasn't until high school when I started my running career for my school's cross country and track teams; to me, nothing is like training and running through the concrete jungle. In my undergrad at Hamilton College, I took my passions of running abroad where I got to train at the High Altitude Training Center in Kenya and teach young students. Since then, I have traveled all around the world and gone on amazing breathtaking hikes like Machu Picchu in Peru and Jade Mountain in Taiwan. Currently, I am continuing my passions for running, health, and fitness by exploring nutrition and other forms of training such as free-weights and workout classes. I am excited to help the community and bring forward the message that exercise is medicine!

Meagan Lantz


Hi! My name is Meagan Lantz and I am a first year PA student at George Washington University. I graduated from Harvard in 2019 where I played on the softball team. I am originally from South Florida and grew up playing a bunch of different sports until I stumbled upon my absolute favorite one - softball! Since my post-grad softball retirement I have continued to be involved in health and fitness through OrangeTheory Fitness, outdoor runs, and making up my own workouts at home. I love to have a big mix of exercise that includes running, HIIT, weight lifting, and yoga! Exercise has been so important in my life and my mental health and I am so excited to help others hop on the exercise train. I’m thrilled to be bringing MedMo to GWU School of Medicine and bring PA students into this amazing organization!

Meghan Tveit


Hello! My name is Meghan Tveit and I am currently a first-year medical student at the GWU SMHS. I am originally from a suburb of Seattle, WA, but have spent the last 5 years living on the East Coast. I studied Neuroscience and Education at Harvard University where I became passionate about early-childhood development and preventative care. I was the captain of the Varsity Women’s Soccer team and love to motivate others! Since retiring as a collegiate athlete, I have transitioned to marathon running and group fitness coaching. I am a coach at Orangetheory Fitness and absolutely love guiding others to optimize their health and fitness goals. I also enjoy exploring different mindfulness practices. Recently I have been dabbling in yoga and meditation. I actually just added a “meditation corner” to my bedroom to help initiate the difficult first steps! I am thrilled that MedMo is finally at GWU and I can’t wait to use movement to help us thrive together!

Natalie Fulton


Hi there! I’m Natalie and I am currently a first year PA student at George Washington University! I am originally from the PNW, specifically central Washington state, but spent the last 3 years in Durham, NC. Besides participating in various sports growing up, from gymnastics to soccer, I spent every summer on a lake, swimming, kayaking, and wakeboarding, and every winter hitting the slopes on my snowboard. In college at the University of Portland, I liked participating in intramurals, mainly soccer but also water polo my senior year just for fun! Now, I mainly enjoy hiking, weight-lifting, HIIT classes, and my newest obsession—rock climbing! I started bouldering and top-roping over this past year, and ended up absolutely falling in love with the climbing community. I think physical activity has a unique way of bringing us closer to others while serving as a wonderful outlet for self-expression and both mental and physical wellness. I’m so excited to bring PA students into the MedMo family!

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